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ENERGY AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT I. PRESENTATION (WHO ARE WE?) English approved by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and born of the desire of several Patriots who have realized the weakness and failure dynamics of Congolese society in the effort to fight against poverty in particular access to energy such as electricity and drinking water, in addition to protecting the environment based on climate change. It is practically the first private organization in the DRC to the promotion of new energy and renewable his hobbyhorse. - EDR acquired a long experience in this field. It has among its experts, technicians and skilled engineers, recruited from among the best in the country, most of which have already demonstrated some agencies or state and private. She also works with other experts, technical organizations value such as Universities, research centers, companies within certain projects. - Concerned about the difficult conditions people live in rural areas, especially children and rural women, who suffer the burden of field work (cultivation, harvesting, fetching water, ...), sacrificing their schooling and development ; why is focused on home improvement by providing access to those services needed for its development such as rural infrastructure available, while encouraging rn change of mode of production and consumption. click on the ''page d'acceuil''for the EDR pictures , '''clicker sur ''page d'acceuil'' pour nous voir en image ou d'autres infos

Français EDR fait la promotion de énergies (spécialement) renouvelables , appui les communautés de base et les investisseurs à la recherche des solutions appropriées pour l'accès à l'énergie socle de son développement, et smi rurural partant des autres services des base en milieu rural

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88, Av. Kasa-vubu, Kinshasa/Kasa-vubu. Tél.: (243) 998 14 75 42. E-mail: magdymoninga@yahoo.fr Site Web: www. Energiedr.fr.gd