V. ACTIVITIES 1) Promotion of new and renewable energies, - New technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by the organization; - Conference, seminar, conference, workshop, ... and also encourage local initiatives and technology transfer at the local level. Training for capacity building on: - Appropriate technologies for processing and preservation of agricultural, fishing and farming (food security) - Energy efficiency and energy conservation. 2) Extension of energy efficiency equipment, agricultural, industrial and environmental. 3) Construction of rural housing and urban development. 4. Study and realization of energy projects, environmental and industrial rural and urban: - Design and installation of micro-power tidal stream, hydro (dam), wind, Solar (PV), water and sanitation. VI. BACKGROUND EDR has gained experience through his insight and dedication of its staff, because having worked in a difficult political situation characterized by civil wars that have punctuated the DRC for about two decades. This helped to control the work in the context of risk, a major asset for achieving the project regardless of the sociology of the corner. It has assets in several existing projects.
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